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How To Avoid Moving Scams On Faridabad to Mumbai Packers and Movers Services

When moving there is not any shortage of companies to select from. Regrettably, you will find moving businesses which produce their earnings through less than fair means defrauding clients and scams that are running.

By being mindful of common scams that are moving, you can stay away from such businesses as well as the issues they create for their clients. If you are planning to choose Faridabad to Mumbai Packers and Movers Services, then read on!

1.   Inflated or Inconsistent Pricing

A frequent scam that is seen in several industries is price inflation, and the proceeding is no different. Companies performing this scam tend to do this by using an over the phone estimate. Because moving costs are based upon the dimensions and weight of your possessions, these firms purposely create a poor estimate.

Once you move, they greatly increase the price by claiming their over the phone estimate was just a guess. To avoid this scam, only work with movers that base their estimates on an in-person visit

Tip - Also, look for a"Guaranteed Not to Exceed" contractual option which generally states the final moving cost charged cannot be higher than the initial estimate plus ten percentage.

2. Extra Costs

A bill from your moving company should have every cost carefully recorded and clearly explained. Less than reputable moving companies will often try to make extra cash by incorporating in miscellaneous fees that were not discussed beforehand or clarified on your bill. When reviewing your invoice look for anything odd out of place or who was not discussed.

A common illustration of this scam is charging a consumer for a change of moving trucks which never occurred and claiming it was because of narrow streets or something of the sort.

3. Expecting A Deposit

A reputable moving company like ShiftingWale bills you for their services and use of the gear. Billing can also be only done as soon as you have been successfully transferred to your new residence.

4. Incomplete or Blank Contracts

Lastly, some moving companies will ask you to sign an incomplete or blank contract with the claim they will fill it later when they have the time and more precise figures. Essentially what they are trying to do is get you to agree to whatever charges they claim. Never do this; a proper contract will probably be filled out and have all relevant information.

Naturally, you should fully read any contract before signing to assure the info is accurate.

So, We Are Saying...

If you are searching for a moving firm for Faridabad to Mumbai Packers and Movers Services, you want to do business with an honest upfront moving firm with a long history of work in the region.

Gladly, ShiftingWale has been serving the moving and packing services for over 15 years and contains a long-tenured and experienced staff. Reach out to us by clicking here!

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