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How To Pack Your Glass Table Top On Your Kathmandu Nepal to Haridwar Packers Movers ?

One of the biggest challenges of moving from Kathmandu Nepal to Haridwar Uttarakhand Packers and Movers Services is furniture removal. Do not you think so? As the distance from Kathmandu to Haridwar is about 990 km. So, furniture items like glass table are prone to damage. The real shifting experts like ShiftingWale, often give these items special attention and care.

So, here we will explore some tips on how you should wrap your glass tabletop for moving.

1. Clean and Dry

The first step of preparing your glass tabletop for moving is to clean and dry it. Glass tabletops can quickly get dirty, and these particles of dust or other debris can cause scratching during transit. Give the tabletop a good clean and ensure that it is fully dry before you start wrapping.

2. Put the Table on a Moving Blanket

Once your tabletop is clean and dry, lay a moving blanket down and rotate the table to point the legs to the ceiling. Carefully place it glass side down on the blanket. This will keep your table safe and secure, without restricting access to the legs.

3. Remove the Table Legs

This step will vary according to your specific table, but you will find details of how to remove the legs in your instruction booklet. Remove the legs and wrap them securely for transport. Remember to keep track of the screws and other fixtures, or you will be unable to reassemble in your new home.

4. Wrap the Entire Tabletop

Once the legs are dealt with, you can return your attention to the tabletop. Use packing paper to wrap both sides of the glass and secure with them with moving tape. Do not allow the tape to come into direct contact with the glass or you could be left with hard to remove marks.

5. Put the Tabletop in a Moving Box

Ideally, you would have a specially constructed box that is designed to move this type of fragile item, but if this is not possible, try to create an appropriate box that is sturdy enough to support the weight of the tabletop. Be sure to handle the tabletop carefully as you put it in the box and ensure that it is labelled fragile and heavy on both sides of the box.

If you are in need of furniture removalists, homeowners should speak to ShiftingWale. We work with the most robust and advanced team of shifting, we provide Kathmandu Nepal to Haridwar Uttarakhand Packers and Movers Services on any scale while staying on top of every detail.

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