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Moving house can be stressful, but there are ways to reduce the stress by being organised which makes the process run a little more smoothly. Leaving everything until the last minute is not the best idea, there are many tasks that you can get done well in advance to take some of the pressure off as moving day approaches. Take a look and learn.

Book ShiftingWale

ShiftingWale gets a lot of queries regarding Kathmandu Nepal to Chennai Tamil Nadu Packers and Movers Services, so, you have to book in advance to be sure you get your preferred day and time. The earlier you book the more chance you have of moving on the day that you prefer.

Disconnect Energy Suppliers

This is one task which can be done well in advance, and it is a very simple one. Most energy suppliers allow you to do this on their website. If not, it is as simple as calling your energy provider and letting them know the dates you would like to disconnect your current home and reconnect your new home.

A Moving Kit

It is a lifesaver to have a moving kit ready. Using a small to medium plastic tub with a lid is perfect. Use it to store everything that you will need to access while moving. This should contain scissors, pens, notepads, phone chargers, any notes or paperwork from services being connected, contact information for your professional moving service and any other important items that you will need quick access to while moving.

Also, on moving day make sure to place all keys, screws and other tools needed for constructing furniture in labelled ziplock bags in this box. Pop in a bottle of water and some snacks as well.


Do not forget to organise your contents insurance before you move. If you are moving some items in before the big day, be sure to start the contents insurance from the day you start moving items in. If you want to skip this hassle, opt for our Kathmandu Nepal to Chennai Tamil Nadu Packers and Movers Services and get insurance of your goods for free.

Moving house does not have to be overly stressful. There are many things you can do to prepare in advance. But the easiest thing you can do is to coordinate with ShiftingWale team. This will make the moving day much easier and you can feel a little more relaxed than the day will go smoothly.

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