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Shifting an office is never easy because of the number of complexities involved in it. Besides, even a slight mistake can disrupt considerable amount of work. Then why take a risk when you can hire professionals who understand the procedure and are skilled at it. Yes, we at ShiftingWale Packers and Movers, having been shifting small and large organization for years now, taking immense care of your relocating needs and making the mammoth task effortless and simple. We also aim smooth and safe shifting with our exceptional techniques and strategies with ShiftingWale.Com India.

Our Clients Speak For Us

More information about our services as our most valued and satisfied customer reviews kindly Click :-  Clients Review and Testimonials

Office Furniture Packing and Moving Services

Skills that Speaks- Shifting an office needs planning, strategy, proper transport and certainly excellent equipments that can transfer the sensitive materials safe and sounds in its true condition. Our team of experts ensures professional packing of all office objects and ensure special packing for sensitive objects. Moreover, we at, ShiftingWale also make certain that we make the entire process as flexible as possible by using special device like rolling containers to enhance the overall effectiveness. Zero disruption is our motto while serving office relocation services

Relocation for Offices Furniture

Bonuses that Benefits - We, with a deep insight of office relocation understand the constraints involved in it. So, ShiftingWale.Com initiate the entire process by pre-planning the shift by scrutinizing both the locations. Also, our timings and schedules are set based on the client?s flexibility. Our team also conduct orientation programs for the client. In case, the relocation of the office is to a overseas destination, our experts surely have a upper hand as they are proficient in move administration and management, and have a clear idea of customs as well as clearance. With full of Generation next ideas and strategies, we strive our best to meet all your contemporary needs and requirements.

Office Shifting Service Near Me

Office relocation needs a huge commitment to efficiency, planning, and timeliness.  We are the leading and trusted office relocation company with better experience and depth which is essential in moving an office. Our relocation services are well-known for managing the relocation of everything fast and with better efficiency. The relocation process needs people knowledge and planning of proper packing as well as transportation. Our relocation experts are offering high-quality relocation services. We are professional office relocation experts who have some precise knowledge to bring the highly appropriate and most effective relocation services.

Office Items Relocation Services

Budget-friendly office relocation- We always try hard to give the fully secured and budget-friendly office relocation services. The successful office shifting starts with an excellent move plan. We have professional moving experts who offer relocation services to various locations.  We are dedicated to moving the valuable office furniture and others items to a particular location to the desired destination without taking more time. When you hire us, we can ensure that the office relocation process performed smoothly and safely.

Office Equipment Transportation Services

We do office relocation with proper observation - Everything begins with detailed planning and every plan begins with proper observation. We are the skilled and reliable experts who are not only creating a proper plan, but also provide the desired level of care to your office valuables. These are the attractive features of our services that make them an ideal choice for every moving need. We also pay proper attention to detail in both packing as well as moving delicate office valuables like important files, records and furniture items. We use the finest packing materials to pack the office items in a safe manner. 

Packers and Movers for Offices Items

We not only pack and move your items but also bring the assistance to relocate the office equipment. Our relocation experts are qualified and trained to relocate different kinds of office computers, files, electronic systems and other items in an organized and hassle-free manner. We provide various forms of moving and packing services that are specially created for your relocation needs.  Moreover, we have better technology, efficient vehicles and dedicated manpower to bring the extensive range of relocation services at very affordable prices. We continuously try to bring our customers satisfying relocation.

Someone willing to relocate their offices or business to a location

suitable for their company’s growth requires a planned move so that there is no chance of any loss in time and capital due to this process. This relocation should not be based only on the background of the location but should allow workflow and productivity efficiency. Such a process should be based on the premises accommodating the company’s expansion and attracting new employees with a higher talent rate.

This overwhelming work could be easily handled by us, ShiftingWale, with our professional and highly trained staff. We offer our clients one of the best and safest Office Relocation Services which they would have ever encountered. This is basically on our various criteria which include analyzing each belonging in the office to be considered for relocation. We always have a detailed discussion with our customers about shifting only those items which are in the state to transfer without any damage even during packing. As our team has come across some of these shiftings among which they were asked to relocate those items from offices that were in very critical conditions even before being shifted.

On-Demand Shifting Solutions

We understand that the office being relocated demands our accountability for its safe and secured shifting. The customer could get tensed about the items including the types of furniture, computers, laptops, and other necessary items that are needed in the office being transferred. This tension could not be lowered till the time the items are safely relocated to the new location. Such safety and security with the accountability about any harm to any item are offered by our team. We select every item to be packed according to its shape and size and authentically select the packaging material for each of them. These items may include employee personal boxes, cabinets of different sizes, conference room accessories, video conferencing systems, batteries, office chairs, and much more.

Our team members assigned to any particular Office Relocation Service always offers a detailed meeting with the head of that office. This is mainly to observe each location including from and to the areas where this processing needs to be completed. After getting these details and committing a particular date to start this service we never come out with any excuses that may delay the process. This is because we understand that even a minute delay in this service might lead to a great loss in someone’s business or workforce in the office. Thus, to secure our customers from any financial loss because of our delay, we start our planning from the day of fixing the date of delivery of items at the new location with our customer.

Through our committing nature, we also offer our customer's particular pricing of our service which needed to be paid on the day of delivery. But in these charges, we never play a hoax with our customer by asking for any extra amount based on delivery charges or any other charges which might leave them feeling cheated. As we understand the budget issue with this process, we also enhance our processing in a way that surely fits within our customer’s limited account and never try to increase the amount with any rubbish offer.

Excellent Quality & Parameters

All the packaging materials along with the tools needed for loading each item are selected by our skilled staff who have a rich understanding of such requirements. They never let any item get damaged even with dust, water, moisture, or due to any kind of mishandling. Also, to secure our customers from any fraud in such a hectic process, we inform them with our every member’s detail. This step not only saves the customer from losses but builds our image as the best Office Relocation Service provider in the market. The details of our, ShiftingWale, staff member offer a promise to our customers that they could cross-check them before starting the process. Also, the vehicle allotted for the delivery of items to the new location is checked before hiring it by our experts. They also evaluate the documents of its driver so that there is no negligence from our side.

We also offer our customers the unloading of items at the new location which ultimately helps them save their precious time. This also denies any further damage to the goods securing the customers financially and starting afresh after shifting. There might get some doubts in the mind of some customers about their document confidentiality but we understand our customers’ concerns and secure their documents before transferring them to the new location. None of our staff members ever try to unpack any item during transportation without the permission and presence of the customer. Thus, with those customers having doubt and even to other customers, we always suggest them to be present at the time of their items being packed, loaded, and unloaded apart from unpacking.

Perfect Shifting Solutions

We, ShiftingWale, offer our customers 24/7 customer support services which help them inquire about our availability of services or any other concern. We also provide our Office Relocation Service at any hour including day and night without any objection. We allow our customer to track their consignment through their gadget assuring the security of items themselves apart from our side. For moving the office or business to any international location we offer a fantastic deal with fully safe and secured service. We scrutinize every type of equipment and tools required to load items on the transporting vehicle which may be ship or plane, taking them to an international location. To deal with any damage to the item during local or even domestic, iternational locations, we offer an insurance policy to our customers. After accepting this policy, the customer could claim on us for any damage that might happen to their items during relocation. To get our Office Relocation Services, anyone could contact us through our contact details provided on our website or could visit our office in their city or state.

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