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Marine Transit Insurance Services :

(A Complete Shifting Solution)

Our Transit Insurance Service wraps up the whole thing while you are moving in India which begins right from your doorsteps and ends only after landing safely to their destined place, We identify the significance of goods to the clients. Thus, we do our best to insure the goods with some of the well-known and trustworthy insurance companies. For catering insurance services, all the necessary paperwork and documentation are carried out by us to smooth the progress of the insurance with ShiftingWale.Com India.

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Key Advantages Some of our major pros include, Comprehensively insured possession. Professional policy documents, Policies underwritten by major insurers. Claims are settled directly with the insurer, Professionally handled and promptly settled Claims.

Additional Benefits We offer our clients with insurance services with special value added service to insure their goods. Moreover, technical assistance is also supplied to the clients in the valuation of their items. In aid of our insurance preferences, we safeguard and protect goods and other items for any loss or damage. We offer transit risk cover around 2% and comprehensive risk around 4% of the total value of the goods. We undertake three types of insurance to achieve the compensation ? Transportation, Comprehensive and Storage Insurance.

Transit Insurance Services for Household Goods

Our Transit Insurance Services are specialized in both the household and commercial truck insurance. We take pride in bringing you the most exceptional knowledge of the industry. Our team brings you the complete excellent customer service and offers the high-end service to the maximum. We are also expertise in bringing you astounding Transit Insurance Services with wide coverage of what you need for protecting your assets. We help you to keep your business and customize the package that suits all the needs without any hassle.

Transit Insurance Services for Car and Bike

Insured and licensed transit service Our Transit Insurance has the best longstanding relationships with major companies. Our team is also licensed for bringing you the best insurance system to the maximum benefits enabled. We quote the Physical Damage, Auto Liability, Truckers Roadside Assistance, Occupational Health, Motor Truck Cargo, and much more efficient in the Transit Insurance Services. We have the complete risk management expertise based on the thorough understanding of the Transit and Cargo industries that includes core business issues like employment practices, operating procedures, contractual relationships and much more.

Transit Insurance Services for Transportation Household Goods

We have worked with major cargo and transportation-related industries across the world and bring you complete risk management and insurance. Our Transit Insurance involves the robust analytics, ongoing service, targeted expertise, as well as specialized resources for assisting in managing the risk. Our Transit Insurance Services covers the major aspects that includes Comprehensive Supply Chain Protection, General Liability, Loss Forecasting, Deductible Analysis and much more. For analyzing the clients business issues or challenges, our team or professionals leverages fundamentally different approach for the risk management.

Insurance Services for Household Furniture

Why choose us? Our team integrates the proprietary business analytics and the wide network of nationwide and local technical experts. Consultative planning process evaluates identify targeted solutions and risk profile of the client. Clients would receive the tailored recommendations to improve the total cost of risks. Our Transit team also protects the company exposures that are related to support the entire transportation process to the maximum. Our customer service is available to bring you the proper assistance such as payments, filings, equipment changes, policy questions and certificate requests. Our team brings you the complete confident based on the need of the customers.


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