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Vineet Joseph, Kathmandu Nepal To Siliguri Household Goods Relocation Services

Vineet Joseph

Kathmandu Nepal To Siliguri Household Goods Relocation Services

Dear sir and the entire shifting wale team, Warm Greetings. I would like to take this time to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, I wish I would have more words to express but I can not. All I can say, you are the best shifting company I have ever seen. I still remember the time I had to move from Delhi to Kathmanu, Nepal and even when I was searching for the shifting company I found you I also want to share that at that moment I also got connected to another well known shifting company but after one call they never responded. But you,, from the very beginning I felt that I was talking to one of my own family members, I was never doubtful because even in my shifting from Delhi to Kathmandu you provided the best service. Then, almost after two years I had to move back to India as from Kathmandu Nepal To Siliguri West Bengal, I again contacted you and as usual you made feel at home. The reason I am mentioning family cause I was able to know your names, the one who always online on phone, respected sir and even the names of the shifting people who actually came to pick my household stuff, tell me if it is not like family then what it is? To cut the story short, it was a very difficult time as it was the peak time of the covid-19 spread in South East Asia, even in India it was spreading like a wild fire and same in Nepal. The time we decided to relocate it was almost impossible. But at the same time we were praying to God for a miracle. Land borders were closed and even in Nepal the local municipal areas were closed, I did not know what to do and how to proceed. Somehow the truck which had to come to Kathmandu started from Noida, but they got stuck at Indo-Nepal border, the Nepal customs were not allowing them to enter into Nepal, but somehow they managed to enter Nepal. And then another challenge, it started raining non-stop, and another problem, our truck got stuck because of the landslide, I still remember the person from the loading people, that, sir we should not had come to Nepal, it was a biggest mistake we have committed, they were without food for almost 4 days. I was also worried and even the sir (Mr. Rawat) was worried too. But after almost one week they were able to come to Kathmandu, packed my stuff and loaded them into the truck the same day they reached Kathmandu, it was September 18th. I Still remember what Mr. Rawat said to me on the phone, that sir, in normal situations everyone works, but if we can provide the same service in the difficult situation, that makes the difference. And it was the same situation, and made it possible, thank you so much God bless you with many blessings. Good service-good communication, keep it up. Yes, for my next shift I am looking forward to contacting you again. Regards, Vineet Joseph Country Manager DST, Nepal

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